Draping On The Stand

After spending a few minutes dressing the mannequins in draped garments and hanging flowers from the ceiling, we were then able to sketch all the different shapes, shadows and detail  on the garments. By dressing the mannequins and hanging the flowers upside down, we were able to capture many interesting an unusual shapes visually and in our sketches.

I really enjoyed trying to capturing these bold shapes and details in my sketch. I then decided to use acrylic paints to capture all the bold and colourful colours in our display. Acrylics paints were really easy to use because I was able to create so many different tones and shades of one colour but just adding white to the paint.

To take my visual sketching further, I will practise and experiment more at home to get more confident with the acrylic paints. We were also given the task as homework to collect a range of draped garments, floral, patterns and textures and display them in our sketchbook with rough sketches.


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