Using Unconventional Materials to Create A Textile Piece:

We were given the task to create three A5 textile pieces and two 30cm yarn samples that were constructed from a range on unconventional materials. My first textile sample was created from wire that was used in the machinery industry. I was drawn to the texture and overall shine look this wire had so I decided to play on this and make the shape more interesting by bending strips and securing them with hot glue. I decided to layer and combine these individual pieces to create a very intense, edgy and industrial textile sample.  I am really happy with the final outcome of first textile sample because it was very futuristic take on textiles which was challenging to me as I’m usually not drawn to this take on fashion and textiles.

My second textile sample was constructed from an A5 sized cardboard sheet that was constructed in a zigzag form. This meant that I was able to wrap a continuous yarn of wool between the gaps in the cardboard to add depth and different layers to the simple sheet of cardboard. I completed this sample by spray painting the wool and cardboard. I’m really happy with the final outcome because the wool was able to absorb the particles in the spray paint and highlight the fine yarns that made up the wool yarn.  I am very happy with the final outcome of my second textile piece because it reminded me of the rope you find interlocked with cages used for fishing.

My third textiles sample piece was constructed from a range of materials. I used cardboard as the base of my sample and hot glued strips of paper, flat wire and crinkled wire. I made sure all the materials interlocked with each other and I incorporated layers to add depth to my textile piece. I decided to complete sample by spray painting a silver to continue to theme of futuristic. I didn’t have a method behind the placement of the materials and I thought this worked really well because it proved to myself that I don’t have to overthink everything I do and take risks/challenges to achieve interesting outcomes.



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