Tailor Made – Process Drapery:

After spending many hours researching the different styles of historical tailoring/clothing and military uniforms, I decided to start experimenting with metres of fabric to translate my design ideas from my head onto a men’s mannequin. Process Drapery is a design development technique that consists of you either twisting, folding, wrapping, layering, pinning or braiding fabric around a mannequin to create new shapes that you could late work with or involve into your collection. I took my inspiration from traditional french military uniforms and combined it with contemporary shapes that are common in todays world of men’s tailoring. I decided to do the same design process for trousers, jackets, coats and cloaks so that I have a wider range of interesting shapes to draw onto into my sketchbook.


Design Development: Photoshop

During my athleisure collection I experimented a lot with the shape, colour, volume and proportion until I was happy with 4 different outfits. This stage in the project is called design development because it shows a story from where to started, to experimenting and being really creative with your design to your final designs you want to display as your final collection.

I was inspired by the darker side of athleisure I used a range of shades of black and grey. When I was designing my collection, I started off by lightening and photocopying my male croquis so that I was able to quick sketch ontop of the figure. This allowed me to get all my ideas and thoughts down quickly and not worry about neatness.


I wanted to focus on the large volumes and proportions so I decided to start off by drawing oversized jackets and padded sleeves. I also played around with the scale by sticking with one design that I loved and drew it three times but changing the length and volume to give me three very different designs.

I also designed a range jogging bottoms and shirts and played around with the proportions until I was happy with my 60 designs. I then decided to match up some of my designs so that I had 4 final outcomes that I was confident with. I then scanned my 4 final outfits into Photoshop and played around with the my choice of fabrics. This really did bring my outfits to life and gave me a clearer view of my final garments.


My Final Design Boards for My Portfolio:

Collection Name: Grayscale