Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery

We spent the afternoon visiting Shrewsbury museum and art gallery to collect a wide range of primary research for our upcoming art project.

We were given the task to pick a garment that we will liked the look of and collect a range of photos of the up close detail, shapes, textures and colours. We also looked around the whole of the museum to see if anything else related to our chosen garment.

I’ve decided to focus all my attention to the Albania sleeveless jacket as I loved the continuous beaded embroidery. I also loved the contrast of bold and dramatic colours which made this garment stand out more compared to the others surrounding it. I noticed that the sleeveless jacket was made up of a floral and swirl pattern so I decided to venture round the museum to find other details and objects that related to my chosen garment.

My Chosen Garment:


Related Primary Research:



Jersey Fabric Swatches

Jersey is a very common fabric that is used in gym wear as it a stretch fabric. The stretch fabric allows more movement when the garment is being worn. After collecting and pinning a collection of inspirational photos onto my board, we then moved onto decided which fabric swatches suited our take of the athleisure theme

I decided to pick mesh, brushed sweatshirt jersey, single jersey, rib and sweatshirt jersey as all these fabrics had very different textures to them. I’ve also never worked with these types of jersey fabrics so I decided to get out of my comfort zone and experiment more with bolder colours and different fabrics.


I will scan my fabric swatches into Photoshop when I come to designing my collection. This will give me a clearer visual of how my finished designs will look. I will also use my fabric swatches to experiment different seams and fabric manipulation so that I will get more of an understanding of how these fabrics work.