Tailor Made – Process Drapery:

After spending many hours researching the different styles of historical tailoring/clothing and military uniforms, I decided to start experimenting with metres of fabric to translate my design ideas from my head onto a men’s mannequin. Process Drapery is a design development technique that consists of you either twisting, folding, wrapping, layering, pinning or braiding fabric around a mannequin to create new shapes that you could late work with or involve into your collection. I took my inspiration from traditional french military uniforms and combined it with contemporary shapes that are common in todays world of men’s tailoring. I decided to do the same design process for trousers, jackets, coats and cloaks so that I have a wider range of interesting shapes to draw onto into my sketchbook.


Constructing a Sculpture with Wooden Sticks and Embroidery Thread:

This afternoon we were given the task to construct a sculpture that was made from wooden sticks and layers of cotton and embroidery threads that interlocked with each other. I decided to start constructing a triangular base for my sculpture and construct a 3D edgy sculpture. Once the base and structure of my sculpture was completed, I continued the trend of spray painting my work with silver paint before wrapping and interlocking cotton and embroidery thread. I decided to use the colours black, red, orange and yellow as I have never worked with these colours before.


To take my experimentation further I decided to play around with the placement of my edgy sculpture of a female mannequin. This also enabled me to picture where my sculpture could be used in a garment. After experimenting with the placement many times in different areas I then decided to experiment with draping netting around the mannequin while pinning my sculpture ontop. This made my final placement outcomes more expressive and bold because of the drapery involved behind and around the 3D sculpture. I was then ready to printed my photographs out and draw onto them to design more unique and creative shapes.